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Peninsula Golf and Country Club

Membership in the Peninsula Golf & Country Club is open to, and mandatory for all Peninsula purchasers. A membership will include the primary member, their spouse or domestic partner, and children up to the age of 23. The club also makes access available to other family members and guests*. There are three different membership levels in the club – Reserve, Sport, and Social – each providing a different level of access to club amenities at a different cost level.

The highest level, the Reserve membership, is capped at 350 members, and this level has been reached so a new member who wants to become a member at this level has two possible options: 1) to join initially as a Sport member, and have their name added to the waiting list or 2) to purchase a home that is being sold by a Reserve member who may be able to transfer the membership they are retiring to the buyer, enabling them to bypass the wait list.

A non-refundable initiation fee is paid by the buyer upon joining the club – this is a one-time expense. After joining, you pay dues on a monthly basis. There is an $800 per year minimum food purchase, with all food purchases that are linked to your club account number counting toward meeting that requirement (so be sure to give your club account number to the server, whether you’re charging food to your account or paying at the time of purchase).

Click this link to download an outline of the facilities, services, access levels, and costs at each level of membership:
2024 Club Access by Membership Level

Click here to email the club’s membership coordinator and ask any specific questions you may have about membership or club access.

This is just a sampling of a few of The Peninsula’s world class recreational amenities.