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Why trust me with the sale of your home in The Peninsula? A big question. An important question.

A Track Record of Commitment:

There are approximately 1,500 real estate agents in Sussex County, so I am one of many. But of those many, I am the only agent that focuses exclusively on homes in The Peninsula. Selling in The Peninsula is my full-time job, working from an office right in the community’s Discovery Center. I’ve been associated with the community continuously since 2005 and have been instrumental in the sale of many homes here. In 2018, my sales volume was ranked in the top 20 agents county-wide, and 100% of my sales were in The Peninsula.

Professional Marketing Expertise:

My goal is to sell your home at the best possible price, in the shortest time possible. I know the market, and will assist you in determining the correct pricing strategy. Then I will promote your property using the best available methods, and with the support of our local company’s marketing group and the Sotheby’s International Realty brand resources. Professional photography, a 3-D virtual tour, and color brochures are produced to introduce your home to prospective buyers. Our office produces a full-color magazine annually that is widely distributed, and brings buyers through our doors. And information about your home will go out to the other 1,500 agents in the county – and beyond – to ensure the widest possible exposure to buyers.

Negotiation and Follow Through:

We have a potential buyer. I will have already provided up-to-date, complete information about the community and your home, including information to explain and justify your asking price, prior to receiving their purchase offer. When I have received it, I’ll present it to you with an analysis of its positive and negative points, give you an estimate of your closing costs and net proceeds if you were to accept it or make a counter offer, answer questions, and make recommendations about going forward. Once a contract has been accepted, I will personally coordinate with any inspectors, the settlement attorney, and the buyers (or buyer’s agent) to be sure the transaction is completed smoothly.