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Why Use a Realtor® for New Construction

Protecting Your Interests When Buying a “New Construction” Home
Why Use a Realtor®?

To Gain Expert Advice –

  • about communities
  • about the buying & building process
  • about all of the options available to you

To Be An Advocate for You –

  • working to protect you and help the process go smoothly, not to maximize the builder’s profit
  • knowing the important questions to ask about availability, locations, designs, costs and incentives
  • having the ability to show you the full range of options so you can make your most informed decision
  • providing information on design options which would add to or detract from your resale value later
  • suggesting options which might be added later at a more reasonable cost than the builder offers
  • being the on-location eyes and ears for you during the building process, providing progress reports and photos

A Word about Cost –

  • there is no expense to you for using a Realtor® as your Buyer’s Agent
  • builders build a “marketing fee” into the cost of a home, and use it to pay agents’ commissions — they do not discount the price of a home for buyers who do not use a Realtor®
  • while “the price is the price” a Realtor® may know of other “incentives” from the builder that can be built into a deal to reduce your overall expense
  • the on-site builder representatives’ role is always to maximize sales and profits for the builder, and they are rewarded for doing so (this doesn’t mean they’re not great people – but their job first and foremost is to sell, not to ensure you get the best deal)